Windstar’s New Owners

Windstar is one of my favourite Cruise concepts, the ships look great, Actually I’ve just ordered ‘Wind Star: The Building of a Sailship’ as my summer read. I dont know what its like yet, but once I’ve read it I will post a review!

Recently Windstar has had a troubled ownership under Ambassadors International, however having gone through the bankruptcy court it has been acquired by Anschutz Corp for $39 Million, If only i had won the EuroMillions! This beautiful three ship fleet now has a chance to focus on growth as part of a large corporation, Anschutz Corp have described the purchase as a long-term investment, just what this little line needs.

I wish Windstar a happy new future under its new owners, and a new ship wouldn’t go a miss! A smaller version of STX’s EOSEAS perhaps? But More on EOSEAS later!