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P&O has ordered a new cruise ship for Britain, the largest ever ordered specifically for the UK market. Developed from american sister line Princess the as yet un-named ship is a sister ship to Royal Princess. The vessel is set to be P&O’s eigth ship in the fleet since Adonia joined last month, will carry 3110 fare paying passengers and at 141,000 GRT is similar in size to Norwegian Epic, Celebrity Solstice and MSC Fantasia. The Daily Mirror commented that this could be cruise lines backing away from massive Oasis & Allure of the Seas vessels, but another blog will follow on that!

This is not the first time P&O has borrowed designs, and even vessels, from Princess Cruises, the first Adiona, Current Adonia and Oceana have all come from Princess.
Earlier Victoria and Arcadia (now Pacific Pearl) have both headed across the Atlantic.
Also Ventura & Azura are both designed from Princess Cruises Grand-Class Cruise Ships.

Both P&O And Princess are divisions of Carnival Corporation & Plc, the world leading dual listed cruise company. Other brands are Cunard, Holland America, Carnival Cruises, Aida, Costa, P&O Australia.

This new ships is a massive signal in confidence in the UK market by Carnival, they are committing an untried vessel design to the UK market. It is also the largest ship designed for the UK market. This is a significant commitment to the British market, where analysts (generally) are predicting slow economic growth due to government austerity measures. However in delivery in 2015 there may have been a change in policy.

From the rather simplistic picture is would appear the ships is going to be significantly different from Royal Princess. The vessel will be constructed by Fincanteri Yards of Italy for delivery in 2015. So we dont have many details of the inside of the vessel, understandably. Interestingly the vessel has two funnels, which follows on from the design of Zuiderdam and its sisters and Celebrity Solstice and its sisters for having two funnels. This seems to be a growing trend, one which I personally like, It also differentiates the new vessel from its Princess sisters.

Now on internet forums there has been chatter about the name, I think it should be Canberra, The old Canberra was an interesting vessel which served in the Falklands war, and had a long history before being scrapped in 1997.

If anyone in P&O is listening I would love an invite to the naming ceremony 😉 (even if it is four years off) The PR department seem to have done a great job as I’ve seen it everywhere, even if I am a bit behind the curve.

What do you think? What would you name it? Let us know!



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