EOSEAS – A concept worth thinking about?

This isn’t a new concept, its been around since 2009, but I think it is an interesting one, and one I would like to discuss. The design is by STX Europe and the ship is a five hulled vessel, it’s an environmentally friendly concept which reduces CO2 emissions by 50%.

As a cruise ship it is an interesting vessel , a mix between Radisson Diamond and Oasis of the Seas, with a bit of Windstar thrown in for good luck, I have tested some people on what they think of the ships appearance and results have been missed, my mum saying the sails look terrible, but for me that was the main selling point, it looks so different.

As the above video will point out the vessel will use and LNG engine, I believe this would be the first cruise ship to be powered in such a way, the sails also add to the power. STX says the vessel will have a passenger capacity of 3311 passengers. The cabin design is also interesting, as the video points out, the ship has a ‘Double Skin’ which improves the air circulation, and the vessel has both traditional balconies and communal balconies providing access to the cabin, I don’t believe this would appeal to most cruisers, however I do believe it would appeal to some and would make an interesting feature.

I actually like this ship so much I’m getting a model made of it, I will post some pictures once it is delivered.

It does make me wonder why some of the features have not be carried over to other ships, I am aware a few cruise ships have solar panels to assist, and a lot are increasingly green, but i think a prototype ship like this showcasing the technologies is needed to encourage more lines to turn to green ways of working. The price of oil is expected to continue rising, and cruise lines need to find an alternative before it’s too late! How long will it be till we have Cruise ships powered by LNG? Sails are problematic, as cruise ships need to fist into ports, and bridges could stop the ships with their masts getting in, It is my understanding that EOSEAS could NOT fit into New York.

In the strive for more balcony cabins surely a multi-hull vessel is an interesting development, and will allow for increased stability. The only ‘large’ cruise ship being the former Radisson Diamond, I do believe that this could be a possibility in the near future.

Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas as well as the Celebrity Solstice and sisters are all armed with Solar Panels, as seen below on Allure of the Seas.

For those who are interested Windstar Cruises has posted our previous article on their blog, have a look 😀

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http://www.stxeurope.com/?page=776 – EOSEAS Concept on STX Europe’s website

http://www.stxeurope.com/?page=117&techinfo=565 – EOSEAS Technical Details

9 thoughts on “EOSEAS – A concept worth thinking about?

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  4. Yes, the main selling point is that it looks so different. I’ve always wanted to see a change in the shape and apperance of cruise ships. The double skin and sails are wonderful ideas.

  5. The design of this ship is great, Its like nothing we have ever seen, the Windstar ships are great have you seen them, Cruise ships with sales, excellent. I would love to see EOSEAS built!

  6. in my opinon i think its kinda retarted…and im not saying this to be mean….i just dont c gowing back to sails…in my tought thos sails cant hold up to evrthing and if thay had to be broght down it would look dum with random rods sticking out…and i dont think the ship itself would be able to witshtand mutch. btw sorry about the spelling fing google chrome is mesed up…grrr fail

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