Our Project Sunshine

Royal Caribbean is planning new ships, slightly larger than the Freedom class, but smaller than the Oasis class. Royal Caribbean is like Apple, and is amazing at keeping ship under wraps. So we have to guess, and this is what we think will happen.

Now if we were Royal Caribbean we would be building this new ship in the style of the Oasis class, the media and the public have fell in love with these ships. They love how amazing the split superstructure allows inside facing balconies and the feel of Central Park and the Boardwalk. So we believe that the split superstructure will be a feature, this is set to become a Royal Caribbean signature just like the Viking Crown lounge was and now the Royal Promanarde.

However due the constraints of shipbuilding at Meyer Werft we do believe that the cabins on these vessels will be rearranged, just like Viking River has done with the new Viking longships (check our previous article). The below picture shows how much space the ships have to fit through.

The codename ‘Project Sunshine’ is of interest as we think this means the vessels will, unlike the Oasis class, be suitable for use worldwide.  We’re expecting thats the ‘Central Park/Boardwalk’ area to have a glass roof, which can open and close, allowing the vessels greater flexibility. If you remember Royal Caribbean didnt stop in Southampton to show off the Oasis or Allure as the outside areas look rubish in the rain.

Meyer Werft and Royal Caribbean are expected to promote the vessels green credentials, this could mean LPG and other technologies currently envisioned in concept cruise ship EOSEAS (another previous blog). Like fleetmates Oasis and Allure the ship is expected to use solar energy.

We expect in general that the Project Sunshine ships will be slightly scaled down versions of the Oasis class, with the ability to be operated in both the Med and Caribbean. Other are however expecting the ship to be an evolved Celebrity Solstice-class ship, for which we have a picture for. (if you click on it, it gets bigger).

We hope it doesnt end up as a Solstice class ship, as I would love to see the features from Oasis and Allure in this new vessel, but until Royal Caribbean tells us we wont know!

So what are your expectations of Project Sunshine? Let us know Facebook, Twitter, Comment and Email.


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12 thoughts on “Our Project Sunshine

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  2. I wonder if the shape of the ship will be different. Give us something to inspire, awe and even charm us! My son wants to see a ship that looks like the old schooners. He’s ‘bored’ with the present shape/appearance of cruise ships.

  3. It would be nice if these vessels were shaped differntly however I doubt it Royal Caribbean vessels have a strong design pedigree which is more of a continous evolution than revoloution.

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  5. hallo

    the bow thrusters are at a wrong position in your design.
    at the moment the bow thrusters are in the forepeak tank…that’s not possible^^
    do it a bit back to the next compartment, if you want a correct design^^

    best regards

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  7. RCI says an their blog (www.answeritroyally.com/blog) that they will take the best things from Oasis and put them on the ship. Also, they stated that they will put new things for the fleet onboard. Hopefully a water slide. I also predict that new dining will be onboard.

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