BIG & BAD! But Necessary?

Following our post the other day about ‘Can The Islands Cope?‘ We where wondering what could be done to stop the islands from struggling under the weight of these huge cruise ships.

So in a ‘blue-sky thinking brainstorming mind map event’ we decided to ‘step up to the plate’ and make some ‘robust’ decisions on how to continue. We came up with four possible suggestions on how to preserve the culture and identity of these islands from cruising
– Build New Islands & Destinations
– Ban Cruising
– Limit Cruise Passengers
– Build Smaller Ships

We have then rated these on a matrix, to see which options are the most realistic and achievable. You can see our results below.

The main put we are going to pick up on is ‘Build Smaller Ships’, you could probably have guessed that from the title. While these huge cruise ships may not be to everyone’s taste they do broaden the cruising community and improve the economies of scale of the business. In fact in ‘Selling the Sea’ a good point is made that many luxury cruise lines can struggle without being under a large parent company. (I’m referencing Seabourn).

These huge cruise ships OASIS and ALLURE being the main ones we’re thinking about have become destinations in themselves, Personally I’m booked onto Allure of the Seas next year and the choice was of the ship not the destinations. This has made the ships with shopping centres, parks, pools, ice rinks, theatres and fair rides equivalent to building new islands.

It has always been the trend for larger and larger ships, We were surprised by the size of Oceania Marina, which is significantly larger than we where expecting. The above picture shows just how much bigger Royal Caribbeans ships have got since the Song of Norway 40 years ago. The sea isn’t really brown…they are 1/1250 scale models on a table!

In the below picture we can see the giant Oasis of the seas eating one of the AIDA ships!
So back to the mater in hand, Some island have previously consider or even have limited cruise visitors to stop too much damage to their culture and way of life, much of which we covered in our series on Sustainable Tourism. However there has been limited results on this.

Building Smaller Ships will make cruising quite expensive, and could stop people who want to cruise, but under these circumstances can’t afford it, from doing so. And I’m sure most of you will agree that Cruising is something which should be shared!

Lets face it, only Dubai is any good at building Islands although I believe they can make a ‘world cruise’ cheaper and quicker! Check Here! (Opens in a new window)

This leaves one possible solution… BAN CRUISING. I’m writing to my MP now to get this done. This is an important matter.

In the light of the riots across the UK we have gone for a nice light-hearted piece today, we need a laugh, hope you don’t mind 🙂 If you haven’t before, don’t forget to check out Lucy ‘thecruisehound‘ photo blog!

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