Sustainable Tourism #cruisechat

For those of you who are twitter, this weeks #cruisechat is on sustainable tourism. We along with CruiseBuzz will be hosting this #cruisechat.

If you don’t know about Sustainable Tourism, you can check our blogs below;

Can the Islands Cope?
Green Cruising
Sustainable Tourism and Cruising
Talking Sustainable Tourism with Windstar Cruises

Sustainable tourism is about much more than recycling a few empty beer bottles, it’s about how to make a positive impact on the environment that you are visiting, while preserving the cultures and customs of the island. The above blogs will hopefully familiarise you with the concept.

The #cruisechat will take place at 7pm BST, on twitter. We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions. Get in contact, Comment, Email, Twitter & Facebook

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4 thoughts on “Sustainable Tourism #cruisechat

  1. I wasn’t able to attend #Cruisechat, but scanning the conversation from Q1 onwards made for stimulating reading. Moves are being made to make cruise travel more sustainable. In fact with a different design of ship, it is possible to provide low carbon travel, but not in the wasteful format that most ships use today.
    I’m sure some cruise lines will offer cruises that have a low carbon footprint, but they will involve much smaller cabins using lightweight materials than is presently the case. The advantage to potential passengers being that it will be a cheaper product.
    In the mean time all sectors of travel, not just the cruise line fleets, need to be aware that the way to make the travel industry sustainable is not by selling “green” or “eco” products and in doing so encourage more consumption. The answer lies in providing truthful information on the ecological footprint of their travel options, not by making grand gestures that don’t contribute very little to the overall picture, but make the consumer feel good. This approach tends to prevent the consumer taking responsibility for their own consumption.

  2. Its a shame you missed the #cruisechat it was great!

    I think with the increase in oil prices, cruise lines, like car manufacturers will see the benefits of moving to a more environmentally friendly business model.

    The river cruise lines, such as Viking seem to be further ahead than the ocean going lines, this is likely due to the smaller costs associated with a river cruise vessel, they can afford to be more experimental.

    Cruise Lines like Windstar are limited to developing the ships they have, however a new build will likely achieve much more significant environmental reductions.

    I hope you liked my articles :D!

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