Queen Mary 2 Ship Visit

Way back when I was young and cute, I wrote to Cunard Line asking about the new Queen Mary 2. I used to write to loads of cruise lines and get quite a few free stuff, postcards, caps, etc. (Any of the photos you click on will get bigger 😀 )

On New Years Eve, Just before the ship was named on 8th January 2003, Cunard Line called and asked if I would like to go on board on the 10th January with any guests, and my Dad and Uncle both decided they wanted to come along so we booked into the Travel Inn to spend the night.

The night in the Travel Inn, which has a great bar overlooking the city on the 5th Floor, we met the Piano player from the QM2 and then some engineers from the Caronia, and had a great night talking about ships and shipping.

The next day we made our way down to the Mayflower Terminal and were bussed to the QEII Terminal where the Queen Mary 2 was waiting. As this was before the maiden voyage and this was the ship of the decade, there was a lot of people. We made our way around the ship with a relatively free roam. I do remember parts of the ship still not being finished however, and we got to see the winter gardens, a variety of cabins including the Queens Grill accommodation.

We were also visited the various dining rooms and restaurants on board including the Todd English with its great view over the stern and the pool area. I also enjoyed the promenade with its classic wooden ‘Steamer’ deck chairs, and I still want one for sitting out in the Garden! The Britannia Dining room was amazing, I have never seen anything like it.We missed the planetarium unfortunately.

We ended our tour in the Queens Room, enjoying some music and drinks, We had a window seat, and probably stayed on board a bit too long, but she is a wonderful ship, which draws a crowd where ever she goes. I still havent taken a cruise on her but its on the bucket list! QM2 With Lucy would be great too! As we were leaving the QEII Terminal the Orient Express was outside which in itself is an amazing sight.

She is calling into Liverpool next Thursday so no doubt I will pop down to see her again, she has an amazing imposing profile, just like her transatlantic predecessors. But just before I finish, Just for my friend Kim, here is a picture of me with the Homer Simpson, as discussed on the Tesco checkouts!

Have you been on the Queen Mary 2 on one of her ‘Voyages’? Tell us more, Facebook, Twitter, Comment & Email.

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