: Website Development

You may have noticed a few changes around the blog, which now uses are new colours and logo, these changes have been put in place as the website has changed from what was orignially planned. Originally it was intended that the website would basically a white label cruise provider, However there has been no commercial partner forthcoming to develop this.

Furthermore the blog side of the website has grown significantly, with 1000’s of people have a look every month. it has also been something I have enjoyed doing, So it has been decided that going forth the blog should become a more important part of the website.

But I also have an aim that the website should be self supporting, I’m a student and the website costs money, not much, but it would be nice if it paid for itself. I would say it loses around -£150 a year, and if you include the cost of visiting trade shows and cruise ships perhaps -£600 a year. Not a huge amount, but still it could be a weekend away.

I hope to achieve this through developing cruise sales on and we actually have a store where we recieve commision from sales, selling books and other ship related products. We will be looking at driving sales to improve revenue.

In the coming week you will notice the adverts will be removed from the website, This is part of an aim to make the blog look more professional. It is our target to get as many views in a week as we currently do in a month.

Also I want to develop our Facebook presence so people can engage with us, and over the last few days have been adding to our facebook page to show this.

Furthermore, starting next week we hope to have Guest Blogs as a regular feature, I think you will appreciate this and anyone is interested is welcome to submit thier articles for this.

If you have any suggestions, or want to produce a guest blog get in contact. Facebook, Twitter, Email and Comment!

Thanks Liam
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