What Does 2012 Have In Store?

2012 is nearly upon us, so what do we have to look forward to in the next year. Well five new cruise ships will be joining the oceans, Norwegian Cruise Line will be listing on the stock market and Costa Romantica will emerge as Costa NeoRomantica, after a daring refurbishment. So heres our guesstimations for the next year:
– We are expecting Royal Caribbeans new slogan ‘The Sea is Calling, Answer it Royally’ to be making an entrance during January, this new marketing campaign is a step away from ‘The Nation of Why Not?’ which has been discussed by CruiseLawNews.com. We believe this will be a push upmarket for the line perhaps returning more to its roots, as a upper mass market line. If there will be any changes to the onboard product is not yet know.

We believe this slogan may have something to do with the new Project Sunshine, with the Project Sunshine being a larger concept of the Radience Class. With a focus on a more traditional cruising experience, rather than the recent inovation after inovation onboard the Voyager, Freedom and Oasis class cruise ships.

– Ports against Cruise Ships, Recently there was the rather vocal fight between those for and against cruise ships in Charlston, Now however Venice is joining in with proposals to tax tourists to stop at the port. We expect this will continue, with more ports worrying about the economic impact of large cruise ships on the infrastructure. We have previously discussed some of the issues on our artice on Sustainable Tourism.

– MSC Fenicia, We expect that MSC will agree a deal with STX that will see Gaddafi’s former cruise ship, currently under construction in France will join the MSC Fleet, along with an order for two ships of a different design. We have previously discussed this option in a previous article.

– There are six new cruise ships joining the market in 2012; MSC Divina, Carnival Breeze, Disney Fantasy, Celebrity Reflection, Oceania Riveria and Costa Fascinosa. While non of these are the lead ship in thier class they are all interesting additions to the world cruise fleet.

– April will mark the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. This will be celebrated by two cruise ships performing cruises across the Atlantic, meeting over the wreck on the day of the sinking. Our belief is that the the events of Raise the Titanic will occur, and the Titanic will join them at the surface.

– Costa Romantica is to currently undergoing an amazing transformation, which will modernise the ship for today users, with addition of numerous balconies, and a complete reconstruction, the ship will emerge with a new name Costa NeoRomantica, it will be interesting to see how successful these changes are, However we expect that Costa Classica will also be going under the welders knife for a similar reconstruction.

– Norweigian Cruise Line will be joining Carnival and Royal Caribbean on the stock market. However with only a small amount of shares released on the stock exchange we are not expecting much change. However we would like to see Oceania and Regent Seven Seas join the group. If more of the company is floated we expect that a takeover offer by another cruise group, perhaps MSC or Royal Caribbean could be a posibility.

– We are hoping, now this is just complete hope, that Windstar Cruises, following thier acquistion this year, will aquire ClubMed 2 to join the fleet. While we doubt this, the rest of the Windstar fleet is set to recieve a extensive refurbishment. We can all dream!

– In the way of new builds we don’t expect any further significant orders, Since most cruise lines already have cruise ship on order, and the continuing economic problems in Europe pose a problem for both yards and cruise lines. However we expect to hear a lot more about AIDA, NCL and Royal Caribbean’s new orders.

What suggestions do you have for the new year? FacebookTwitter or Comment Below. In a years time we will come back and check out how right (or Wrong) we’ve been!

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