Christmas Presents for STX

STX looks set to have a bumber Christmas and New Years if everything goes to plan!

All Rivers Lead to the Ocean

Viking River Cruises has ordered two ocean going cruise ships, with the option of a third from STX in France. This is great news for STX workers, who have faced an uncertain future with the yards struggling for work in the recession.
The vessels will measure 230 x 26.5, carrying 888 passengers in 444 cabins with a complement of 444 crew members. This makes the ships slightly larger than the R-Class which Azamara and Oceania both operate, so it is expected that the new Viking Ocean Cruises will operate in a similar market. Reports suggest the ships will mainly operate in the Med and are to be delivered in Spring 2014 and Spring 2015.

It is interesting to see Viking River Cruises expand into the ocean cruise industry, with only Peter Deilmann making the jump from River Cruising to Ocean cruising in the past. That company has since sold its river cruising operations.

We have previously covered Viking River Cruises in our articles on River CruisingGreen Cruising. Viking operates a fleet of 22 River Cruise Vessels across the world.

Gadaffi’s Cruise Ship Sold?

Since Gaddafi is unlikely to want his cruise ship back (Covered Here) It is expected that the currently under construction ship will be sold to MSC to become the MSC Fenicia in the new year, along with and order to two further ships for MSC.

The yard has been under significant pressure during the recession as cruise ship orders have been cut, as well a defense budgets. Leaving the yards with significant overcapacity. STX in Finland is building two cruise ships for TUI Cruises, which we covered here.

If these new orders do however take place STX Employee’s could be have a better Christmas!

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