Windstar Gets New Look

Since we started blogging We have been covering the takeover of Windstar Cruises by Xanterra Parks & Resorts. Now Windstar has provided pictures of the stunning refurbishment planned for its smaller cruise yachts; Wind Star and Wind Spirit.

These amazing cruise yachts are among my favourite cruise ships, with their sleek sails soaring into the sky these amazing refurbishment look set to keep them fresh & modern.

Above you can see how the pool bar area transforms at night to create additional alfresco seating for sunset dining at Candles Grill. Personally I think this looks great, and creates a wonderful atmosphere for some amazing food. Below the lounge bar is transformed into a wonderful intimate experience, and would be a great space to spend an evening onboard.

All of this is part of a $18 million fleet refurbishment plan which will see all ships receive an extensive makeover. All of this shows the amazing committment to the Windstar product by their new owners. All yachts will receive new furniture, upholstery, art, lighting, wall coverings, carpeting, ceiling finishes, window treatments and floor coverings, the new decor making the vessels truly fit for 21st century yachting.

It may be obvious from the way the article is worded by I believe this is a great step forward for Windstar and really improves the onboard product. The ships will look outstanding.

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Sources : The Windstar Blog – [ACCESSED 21/1/2012 13:49]

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