100 Years of Profits : Titanic

6 Years ago I had an English Teacher, This English teacher was passionate about the Titanic and loved everything about it. He claimed however that Titanic was the most successful ship in the history of the world, and that thought grasped me. He had a point.
Due to the disaster surrounding the Titanic and its ongoing legacy as well as the number of films, exhibits and merchandise produced can only have produced hundreds of millions of pounds with of revenue. However Titanic was never a success for its original owners, White Star Line, who never really recovered from the loss of their Unsinkable flagship.

Most famously Titanic, the 1997 film, cost a huge $200 Million to produce, yet the film had revenues of $1,843,201,268, making it one of the most profitable and successful films ever. On April 4th 2012 the film will be rereleased in 3D to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the disaster. In fact titanic was the most successful film for 12 years, only having been recently overtaken by Avatar.

However the story of the Titanic goes back further than the 1997 film with ‘A Night to Remember’ being produced in 1958, among my favourites being Titanic II filmed on the Queen Mary in 2010. You can find a full list of Titanic related Films here. In addition there have been numerous TV mini series and documentary specials all earning money for their respective channels and production companies.

Not only is the story of the Titanic making millions but parts of the titanic are also reaching amazing values, with Rivets from the Titanic reaching up to $10,000 (Source). A deck chair from the Titanic also sold for £35,000 (Source). Should you so wish you can relive the Titanic experience yourself for $13,000 with a Titanic shaped Bouncy castle. (Seen Here).

Now almost 100 years since she first set off she is remembered and profited from like no other ship, with Revell offering models in 3 different sizes, hundreds of books in just as many languages. A quick search for items labeled Titanic on Amazon will pull back 8,927 Results, the same search on Ebay.co.uk will return 164,559 results. In fact a for-profit company owns the salvage rights to the Titanic and has an array of Exhibitions which have had thousands of visitors all paying an entry fee, you can find more about Premier Exhibitions Here.

In fact Titanic has even managed to put its name to a Brewery in Stoke-On-Trent in England. All the beers have nautical names, Iceberg, Steerage..Etc. You can find the beers here http://www.titanicbrewery.co.uk/.

There has also been around proposals to rebuild a replica Titanic in many cities around the world, and even a few for cruising. In fact some cruises are taking place around the anniversary of the disaster sold on the Titanic theme. Who would have thought it? The Titanic disaster bringing people to cruising, who knows 2012 might not be the dire year for cruising that has been anticipated.

I would love to hear your views and opinions on what I believe is the worlds most profitable ship,


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