Liverpool’s Cruise Terminal

On the 21st May Liverpool Cruise Terminal will be finished, this temporary building, anticipated to be around every summer for 3 years while plans are drawn up for a permanent replacement. On May 29th Ocean Countess, the small cruise ship which has been operating out of Liverpool’s trouble Langton dock terminal will operate the first cruise starting from the Pier Head in 40 years.However I seem to remember that the QE2 performed a cruise from Liverpool in the early 2000’s, operating out of the Mersey Ferry Terminal, and with passengers being tendered to the ship docked mid river. I could be wrong though and it would be great if anyone remembered?

As has been covered significantly on this site Liverpool’s cruise aspirations have been beset by problems, however it now appears that an agreement is set to be reached where Liverpool will pay back most of the Government loan used to build the cruise ship facility. The plan however has not yet been agreed, and there is talk that without a quick agreement Ocean Countess may be forced to use Langton Dock.

The layout of the new cruise facility, right next to the Liver Building and the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

It is important to note that Liverpool still don’t have consent to operate turnaround cruises at this facility and the government has reiterated that no cruise ships can operate turnaround cruises from it until the issue funding has been addressed. However I would just do it anyway, claim the idea as the empowerment under big society, What are the consequences of breaking this term?

Joe Anderson, the former council leader who has been a driving force behind the cruise terminal has been elected Mayor of Liverpool, the second most powerful Mayor in the country. (London’s very own Boris Johnson is the number one). This is great as the Liverpool Cruise Industry has a great ambassador in local politics, who can see the great economic benefits these ships can bring.

As you can see the cruise terminal is lavishly decorated, providing five-star accommodation for guests prior to their departure. Ah, okay it’s not going to win any design awards, and it’s basically a big marquee. But this new facility is designed to handle up to 1,200 passengers, but for its first season will only be used by Ocean Countess and her 700 passengers. Next year these will be joined by Boudicca, of Fred Olsen Cruises, which carriers 900 passengers, It is hoped that more lines can be encouraged for 2014. With the strong growth of No-Fly cruises from the UK it is hoped that Liverpool can catch a share of this growing market.

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