Sailing the Miniature waves


For some time I’ve been collecting 1/1250 scale ships, It started with a Triang Minic Caronia which my Nan bought me for getting a brace, I was around 12 years old, and the collection has grown since then.

It has since grew into a collection of models covering an interesting array of models which cover topics which interest me. I have a Maersk Line Container ship, which is because I spent time working for them a few years back, to the above pictured Golden Odyssey because it is a perfectly formed small cruise ship, to the EOSEAS, the futuristic concept cruise ship from STX (that we covered here).

At the 1/1250 and 1/1200 scale there are options to develop a huge fleet of ships because of the small size, mos ships are just a few inches long. There are also models for a variety of price points, from triang Minic ships which are only a few Pound/Euros/Dollars, to really detailed models costing into the hundreds!

There are collectors meetings in both the UK and around the world, and active internet forums. and Dockside Forum. Ebay serves as an excellent place to get models and thousands can be listed at any time. The models cover a huge range of subjects, from Aircraft, harbourside buildings, cruise ships, ferrys, warships, merchant ships and aircraft carriers. I have a growing collection of 1/1250 scale aircraft because the small size, usually around an inch in length, means that space isn’t an issue for the collection, you could build Heathrow on a small table!


Ferry Small Ships in the UK has just launched its range of ferries in 1/1250 pictured above, these are made of resin, however other models are made of metal and increasing some models are being made by 3D printing which significantly reduces the cost. My EOSEAS model was built by Harry Piel out of wood, Harry Makes great models to order, so if there is a model you would like constructed contact Harry at

My collection has however shrunk in recent years, I was at it largest when I worked full-time at Maersk Line, However after my Mersey Ferry venture (covered here) the collection shrunk somewhat, now I am about to start an internship at a large aerospace company I’ve had to buy a car so more models have been sold to raise cash, but I have seen that my collection has been a good way to put aside money and enjoy it until I’ve need to liquidate them.

I’m no photographer so my photos really do not do the ships justice, I recommend you check out the Flickr group  which has some amazing photos of people’s collections. If you re interested in learning more about the hobby, or just want to shop around here is some useful links for you:
Scherbak Ship Models

If you collect model ships please share your collections by commenting below or on our Twitter & Facebook. Have you got any ships from onboard?


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