Worrying about Quantum

Here at Crociere.co.uk towers, we are worrying about the Quantum of the Seas, and for that we are worrying about Royal Caribbean.

Quantum of the Seas is an all weather ship, unlike Oasis and Allure which are designed for the sun of the Caribbean, Quantum is designed for various weather conditions. And that’s what made me wonder why there is a lack of Royal Promenade. On Oasis and Allure, and no doubt Freedom and Voyager class too, this serves as a great centre for the ship, plus it is climate controlled and useable in every weather.

The replacement of the Royal Promenade being a large room at the back of the ship with panoramic glass windows, which still looks brilliant, but it is not the Royal Promenade.

Royal Caribbean does not see Quantum as an evolution of Voyager, Freedom and Oasis but more an evolution of the Radiance class. Now I think the ship looks like it will have some interesting features, the wind tunnels seem a great compliment to the rock climbing wall and flow rider to me, and the bumper cars are a cool idea too.

The Viking Crown lounge, since its first ship Royal Caribbean has always had a Viking Crown Lounge, we found however on Allure of the Seas that is was quite under used and out of the way, especially as ship design has changed and public rooms are now lower in the ship. I am disappointed still however to see that Quantum of the Seas is lacking a Viking Crown Lounge, this will be a fleet innovation that I am disappointed to see.

The fear is that Royal Caribbean is moving too much away from its original product, and while I think these ships are brilliant you could just as easily place a Norwegian logo on the side and you wouldn’t think ‘hang on that Norwegian ship looks like a Royal Caribbean ship’, the same also being true for Princess, whose Royal Princess is similar in design to Quantum and Norwegian Breakaway.
I still think the ship is great, I’m not too sure on the ‘North Star’ viewing platform I wonder if it will be too crowded and when you are 10 stories up how much does three more make the view any better? But each to their own, I would rather it was a Viking Crown Lounge, but we can’t have everything can we!

Are you excited about Quantum of the Seas? Whats your opinions on the design? Comment below and share your ideas and thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “Worrying about Quantum

  1. I have to say that I’m more excited about the Quantum than I have been about an RCI ship in a long time precisely BECAUSE of the lack of a royal promenade. It is a feature that “inverts” the ship and cuts away connection to the sea by changing the focus inwards (towards the promenade). The Quantum’s large windows actually make me want to sail on an RCI ship, which the Voyager, Freedom and Oasis classes didn’t do. I do agree about the lack of a Viking Crown Lounge, it’s been a trademark feature of the Royal Caribbean since the beginning and seeing it casually discarded is unfornate.

    • I hadn’t thought of it like that, you are right however the Royal Promenade does move the focus inwards, making the sea more accidental. The large room at the back of the ship does indeed reconnect the ship to the sea, it will be interesting to see this design develop.

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