Maersk Line’s Triple E Class


Now I know we are called Crociere, but the development of the Maersk Line Triple E class container ships we have found quite interesting, these innovative vessels will soon be sailing the oceans delivering all sorts of goods. And we thought they make interesting reading.

I used to work for Maersk Line so I do have an understanding of how the container shipping industry operates. However with rising fuels costs and the economic slow down across the world container shipping lines have been slowing ships down to save fuel, this has also reduced capacity and improved schedule integrity. (Side note: on average 1 in 2 containers don’t arrive on time).

Container ships just keep getting bigger, just like cruise ships, However even the Allure of the Seas is dwarfed by this container ship. Maersk Line has made a huge committment to this class of ship with 20 orders worth $3.8 Billion, the kind of confidence that no cruise line has yet matched. Interestingly however is the lower cost of Container Ships, with Allure and Oasis of the Seas costing $1.4 Billion each.

Maersk Line is the worlds largest shipping line with around 600 ships, dwarfing even the size of Carnival who has around 100 ships. The ship is to be used on the popular Asia to Europe route, delivering consumer goods made in China to across Europe. The ship will be too large for any port in the Americas, with no crane able to reach across the giant ship either.

The Triple E class is only 4 meters wider and 3 meters longer than the previous Emma Maersk class (the current worlds largest ship) but due to a change hull design carries significantly more containers, meaning that carbon dioxide emissions per container should be reduced by 50% which can only be a good thing.

In fact the name ‘triple E’ stands for the class’s three design principles: “Economy of scale, Energy efficient and Environmentally improved”. Best of luck to Maersk Line and these interesting new ships.

Hope you liked this slightly off topic post, share your thoughts below…

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