Turning the ship inside out


I’ve recently been commenting how I have been worried about Quantum of the Seas (See our article here), because of the ships lack of Royal promenade, However a comment by Kalle saying that it was nice for the ship to be reunited to the sea, got me thinking.

Promenade Areas on ships have come alive, what has, since the invention of the Atrium with Royal Princess, been a long forgotten feature on cruise ships its return is much welcomed. It seems to have started with Carnival Dream, who first started to develop the offering on the promenade, with whirlpools overhanging the side. Further they added indoor/outdoor eating areas along the promenade. New cruise ship design sees the lifeboats held in the ready to launch position away from the ships promenade. Freeing up the promenade for new uses.

What a Brilliant View, on Norwegian Breakaway

What a Brilliant View, on Norwegian Breakaway

The recent news of the Norwegian Breakaway, with its waterfront restaurants and bars made interesting reading, and they looked pretty good too. I thought back to my time on Allure of the Seas and I can’t really remember the sea, it was more a passing co-incidence. It’s virtually impossible to actually see the sea, with the lifts overlooking the Royal Promenade and Central Park. Even the Boardwalk is not that open to the sea, with the Aqua Theatre blocking any views.

So perhaps this is a new movement to reconnect ships with the sea, which would be comparative to land based shopping centres which for years have been enclosed, air-conditioned and avoiding the outside world, however now, through use of light and clever design are opening up to the cities around them.

Are cruise ships doing the same, the new venue at the back of Quantum of the Seas certainly opens the ship up to the sea and Norwegian Breakaway’s interesting waterfront really sets the scene of what we expect to see going forward. Norwegian Cruise Line is so proud of its Norwegian Breakaway that it is further advancing the design in two ‘Breakaway plus’ ships. It will be interesting to see how this trend develops.

What do you think about this design change, glad to see more of the sea? Let me know your ideas. Comment below, or on twitter and Facebook.

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