Eco Cruise Ship Concept from Peace Boat

Peace Boat, the Japanese NGO, is looking at building an environmentally friendly eco ship to support its campaigns around the world. Anticipated to be the world’s most environmentally friendly passenger vessel.

The vessels propulsion system will combine sails and solar panels as well as making use of LNG and biofuels. On board the vessel will also make use of gardens and waste water recycling.

I am a fan of concept cruise ships, I also enjoy innovation and the latest technology. So to see a cruise ship which not only looks modern but is actually a commercial possibility is interesting to me. Based on information of the internet when the proposal was launched last year the anticipated entry into service date is 2018. However as no order appears to have been placed and no further announcements have been made it would appear that this project is not currently continuing.

This cruise ship, currently named ‘Imagine’ is, 50,000grt, 250 meters long with capacity for 1,500 passengers. The concept is by Olivier Design I think it provides and interesting outlook on the future of environmentally conscious cruising. Personally I would remove the deck solar panels and free that area up and add an additional pool, but I love the sails.

The vessel’s CO2 emissions will be reduced by 70% compared to a comparably sized conventional vessel. It is also expected to use 50% less energy. Furthermore the designer believes that the vessel will produce more water than it actually needs, which could then be distributed in the arid areas the vessel will visit.


Peace Boat is an international organisation focussed on using travel as a tool for international development. Focusing on human rights, peace and environmental protection. The organisation was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 2008. Their current vessel is the Ocean Dream, formerly the Tropicale of Carnival Cruises.

What do you think? I’ve added more pictures to our Facebook page. You may be interested in our other articles about concept cruise ships: Eoseas & Cruisia or Environmentally Friendly Cruising.

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