If I had my way…


So I’ve won the Lottery. I’m going to start a cruise line, Actually I’m not going to start just one, but three. Each targeted at a different demographic. For a little bit of fun at the end of Summer here’s what my three cruise lines would look like. Operating under the parent company ‘Ocean Cruise Group’ the three lines are FantaSea Cruises, ODYSEA Cruises and Regensea Cruises

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Millennials: it’s all about U


We’re a bit behind the curve here, Uniworld announced its concept for a new river cruise line in December 2016. Sales launched in March 2017 yet here we are only discussing it in August.

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The Rise & Fall of Renaissance Cruises


Continuing our series of ‘The Rise & Fall of’ we are looking at Renaissance Cruises. Renaissance, also known as R Cruises is perhaps one of the most interesting cruise line failures despite the cruise lines 12 year lifespan.

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Time for European Private Islands?

msc private island

Norwegian Cruise Lines acquired Great Stirrup Cay as the first private island in 1977. Since most major cruise lines have acquired or leased private islands for their cruise guests. Some private islands are true islands, others are bays or peninsula’s fenced off from the surrounding area.

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