Millennials: it’s all about U


We’re a bit behind the curve here, Uniworld announced its concept for a new river cruise line in December 2016. Sales launched in March 2017 yet here we are only discussing it in August.

In case you’re unaware Uniworld has launched U by Uniworld. This is a new concept river cruise line aimed at travel enthusiasts aged between 21-45. Essentially this is a brand which is trying to bring younger people to river cruising.

The brands marketed age group appears to be at the younger end of the 21-45 bracket. It’s two ships have been taken from the Uniworld Fleet and will be totally transformed to accommodate their new passengers.


Known as ‘The A‘ and ‘The B‘ the ships will be painted entirely black. Which does make them stand out and will be interesting to see what they look like when they come of refurbishment. Personally I am not a fan of the vessel names, I would have gone with something similar to what GO Airlines did ‘U Go/U See/U Do‘ as I think that ‘The B‘ sounds second class to its sister ‘The A‘.

Carrying 120 passengers activities onboard include wine and paint classes, mixologist courses and silent discos. Shore excursions also include rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking, cocktail classes and bike tours.


The lines ‘Guardian Angel’ is Victoria’s Secret model Petra Nemcova. The line has adopted the idea of Guardian Angel for the whole line rather than the more traditional Godmother for each ship.

The line will operate four eight-day itineraries sail the Rhine, Main, Danube and Seine Rivers, with overnight stops and longer stays in major cities like Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam and Budapest.

Three Super Cruise options combine two or more U itineraries into one 15 or 22-day bucket list journey.

Two shorter five-day holiday itineraries–Dashing Through The Danube and A Merry Little Christmas Cruise–for those who want to experience the magic of Christmastime in Europe and a special New Year’s Eve celebration.

As a lover of travel around Europe I do really like the itineraries and I have ordered by own brochure. I do think U by Uniworld will be a success, the modernised ships and exciting and interesting itineraries as well as the overall product such as excursions do interest me as . As part of the wider ‘The Travel Corporation’ the company has the backing of sister brands aimed at millennials like contiki and busabout to help make this venture a success.

I’m most looking forward to when the come to the oceans, maybe a few more years yet!

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