If I had my way…


So I’ve won the Lottery. I’m going to start a cruise line, Actually I’m not going to start just one, but three. Each targeted at a different demographic. For a little bit of fun at the end of Summer here’s what my three cruise lines would look like. Operating under the parent company ‘Ocean Cruise Group’ the three lines are FantaSea Cruises, ODYSEA Cruises and Regensea Cruises


Fantasea Cruises

Ocean Gala, the former Island Escape named Fantasea Escape and Costa Classica named Fantasea Excite would be these two fun ships. A highly targeted cruise product, summer for young families, party cruises in the Spring and Autumn with Bargain cruises through the winter. All cruises would be seven days long with three variants. Fantasea Escape departing every Saturday and Fantasea Excite departing every Sunday.

A significant part of the cruise branding would be the number of themed cruises – fitness, wellbeing, 80’s, 90’s, Festival etc.

Staffing numbers on the fleet would be reduced through buffet service in the main restaurants and reduced room service, namely rooms being cleaned every other day. There would be no free toiletries in the room and reduced expenditure on entertainment.

To improve the family friendly and fun appearance of the ships waterslides would be added, the reduction in cabins for crew could lead either to an increase in passenger cabins, or the creation of versatile conference facilities, allowing an additional casino, nightclub, hideaway bar, children’s area or seminar/class space to be quickly and easily implemented, this area can even be themed around the cruise that is underway.

Spring & Autumn – The Club Ships – A cruise product aimed at young people, club nights, street food, sundown parties and an overnight in Ibiza the cruise would be a casual affair. The Fleet would sail out of Barcelona, with some cruises from Dubai and also the Canary Islands during repositioning.

Summer – Family Focused Fun – Sailing out of Barcelona. This all-inclusive family targeted cruise product would partner with PortAventura Resort for a split holiday product cruising out of Barcelona. Increased Kids club activities and shows would be provided.

Winter – Timeout – The fleet would relocate to the Caribbean and Canary Islands and offer cut prices cruises to anyone wishing to travel, no supplement fees for lone cruises during this time. During this time the on-board product, shows, kids clubs and activities would be reduced, permitting a further reduction in crew numbers.

Norwegian Sky

ODYSEA Cruises

This would be an upscale mid-market brand. Cruises would be from locations around Europe. The fleet at launch would be modified and upgraded Norwegian Sky and Norwegian Sun. Named ODYSEA FAIR SKY and ODYSEA FAIR SUN. The ships interiors would be ripped out and modernised, the line would be modelled in a contemporary style, think Hotel Indigo or Aloft Hotel. ODYSEA FAIR SKY seeing the addition of an extra deck of balcony cabins, mirroring that of her sister. Both ships would see the lengthening of the balcony cabins to the full length of the ship. This cruise line would be focused around high quality food and entertainment.

Areas such as the Art Gallery and Internet Café would be transformed into alternative eating and drinking locations. The internet café being relocated into the library which will also be joined by a coffee shop, as well as merging with the next door meeting room, this would also open onto the Promenade, the aim being to bring life to the Promenade, something which has proved popular on new builds in recent years.

These two ships would cruise around Europe, adopting a different tone to the other cruise lines in the Med these ships would visit less obvious ports and the pace would be slowed down to give guests time to relax onboard. A Greek private island with overnight stays being the centrepiece of the relaxed summer schedules.



Regensea Cruises 

A reinvention of the legacy brand- Regency Cruises this cruise line would essentially be an English speaking Pheonix Reisen, using mid age but high quality cruise ships, such as Amadea named Regent Spirit, and Artania named Regent Star and the former Radisson Diamond named Regent Sea.

These ships would roam the world and not be based in a single location, but there shape and size mean they would undertake certain roles. Regent Spirit would cruise Asia, Regent Sea would cruise the Caribbean and South America. Regent Star, as the flagship of the fleet, would sail the annual world cruise as well as Europe and the Baltics.

Each ship would retain its own individual style, and the line would focus on tailored experiences for its guests, being the go-to cruise line for unusual itineraries.

Have you ever thought about having your own cruise line? What would it look like. Comment below and let us know.

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