If I had my way…


So I’ve won the Lottery. I’m going to start a cruise line, Actually I’m not going to start just one, but three. Each targeted at a different demographic. For a little bit of fun at the end of Summer here’s what my three cruise lines would look like. Operating under the parent company ‘Ocean Cruise Group’ the three lines are FantaSea Cruises, ODYSEA Cruises and Regensea Cruises

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Millennials: it’s all about U


We’re a bit behind the curve here, Uniworld announced its concept for a new river cruise line in December 2016. Sales launched in March 2017 yet here we are only discussing it in August.

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The Rise & Fall of Renaissance Cruises


Continuing our series of ‘The Rise & Fall of’ we are looking at Renaissance Cruises. Renaissance, also known as R Cruises is perhaps one of the most interesting cruise line failures despite the cruise lines 12 year lifespan.

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Cruising through Brexit


P&O Cruises Britannia

P&O Cruises Britannia

On 23rd June the British people voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. It is unknown what the British exit from the European Union may look like. However most predictions show the UK heading for a recession and a long term devaluation of the pound, with this in mind what would this mean for the British Cruise Industry.
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Did Norwegian miss the boat with AIDA?


While researching for by last article on Royal Viking Line I found that at one point Norwegian Cruise Line had acquired AIDA before selling it back less than two years later. I don’t think any cruise ship has transformed cruising as much as AIDAcara.

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The Rise and Fall of Royal Viking Line


In the continuation of our ‘The Rise and Fall of’ series we are looking at Royal Viking Line. This is probably one of the most loved cruise lines to have ever ceased to exist. The Norwegian Company was based in San Francisco, founded as a partnership of three Norwegian shipping lines the company’s brand name continues to be held in high esteem.

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What next for Hapag-Lloyd?

TUI Group AG, the travel group has announced plans to align its global brands under its TUI brand, this has been a long process, the company has been aligning its offerings since it acquired Thomson Travel Group.

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Why Liverpool is perfect for Crystal Cruises new office…

I’m bound to be a fan of Liverpool, I currently live here, and have done for several years. With that world class waterfront, culture, museums, public events, low cost of living – I think its perfect.

Crystal Cruises, under the new ownership of Genting Hong Kong, is pursuing a huge expansion plan. This will involve the introduction of several new vessels, the start of an airline.

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