Why Liverpool is perfect for Crystal Cruises new office…

I’m bound to be a fan of Liverpool, I currently live here, and have done for several years. With that world class waterfront, culture, museums, public events, low cost of living – I think its perfect.

Crystal Cruises, under the new ownership of Genting Hong Kong, is pursuing a huge expansion plan. This will involve the introduction of several new vessels, the start of an airline.

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Turning the ship inside out


I’ve recently been commenting how I have been worried about Quantum of the Seas (See our article here), because of the ships lack of Royal promenade, However a comment by Kalle saying that it was nice for the ship to be reunited to the sea, got me thinking.
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Maersk Line’s Triple E Class


Now I know we are called Crociere, but the development of the Maersk Line Triple E class container ships we have found quite interesting, these innovative vessels will soon be sailing the oceans delivering all sorts of goods. And we thought they make interesting reading.

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What does Costa Victoria, Celebrity Century & Minerva have in common?

Along with Carnival Paradise, Costa NeoRomantica, Seabourn Legend amongst others… They have had Balcony Surgery. It’s the latest fad in the cruise industry and cruise lines are jumping head of heels to add Balconies to their fleet. Continue reading


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I don’t want to say I told you so, but I think you will find I did. Either that or STX is being a bit adventurous. Photos have arrived online suggesting that MSC has purchased the former Libyan cruise ship as MSC PREZIOSA. The ship is the same class as the soon to be launched MSC Divina and sister ships MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida.
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Christmas Presents for STX

STX looks set to have a bumber Christmas and New Years if everything goes to plan!

All Rivers Lead to the Ocean

Viking River Cruises has ordered two ocean going cruise ships, with the option of a third from STX in France. This is great news for STX workers, who have faced an uncertain future with the yards struggling for work in the recession.
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DSME has Ambitions in Cruising : Cruisia

DSME, Daweoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, has been trying for the past few years to make it ‘big’ in the cruise industry, DSME is one of the worlds largest shipbuilders but has not yet built a cruise ship, as the market appears to have been carved up by the European Yards, Meyer Werft, AKER (Now STX) and Fincanteri.

Do prove to the industry that DSME has what it takes to build a world-class cruise ship they created the Cruisia concept, just like EOSEAS, it is not expected that this ship will be built, just that it will prove that the ship builders have the facilities, knowledge and technologies to build such a vessel.

Cruisia proves to be an interesting ship, at 135,000GRT, carrying a maximum of 4500 passengers and a length of 315meters. That makes it the same length as Celebrity Solstice. The ship was design to be as safe and energy efficient as possible, so is already ‘Safe Return to Port’ ready. The ship was designed in co-operation with Tillburg Design, FORESHIP, Safety at Sea and Lloyd’s.

The ship seems inoffensive enough in design, despite the sharp stern it is a profile which grows on me. The ship also has ‘Loft Style’ cabins, which already feature on Oasis and Allure of the Seas, and will almost certainly feature on Royal Caribbean’s new ‘Project Sunshine’- class ships. (We have a blog for that). However only 53% of cabins have a balcony, and only 63% of cabins are outside. I would expect more from a new cruise ship design, especially as a long-term trend to balconies is well underway.

We have a brochure for DSME’s Cruisia, which also covers their plans for three other sized ships:  
One at 110,000GRT, 3301 passengers, 295meters. Looks just like MSC Musica class.
One at 73,000GRT, 2720 passengers, 250meters.
One at 20,000GRT, 300 passengers, 160meters
You can find pictures of all of these on our Facebook page!

As mentioned above, traditionally the American and European cruise lines have ordered from European yards, only Norwegian Cruise Lines ‘Pride of America’ being partly built in America and finished in Europe. STX believed that through taking over Aker Yards it would be able to get into the cruise ship market, however the industry has curtailed new building programs as the global recession has hit, meaning STX’s European yards are dealing with less business than before, and it’s not just STX. Fincanteri is also suffering from lower volumes and is talking about restructuring.

Previously however Princess Cruises has had Diamond Princess and Sapphire Princess delivered from Japan by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, These ships swapped names during construction as there was a fire which gutted the vessel. However Carnival has recently ordered two 125,000GRT cruise ships from Mitsubishi for their German brand Aida, it is believed these ships will be of an entirely new design. One of the most exciting new building projects, I am looking forward to hearing more.

As for DSME it will be interesting to see if any cruise line will pick up on the proposal, Fred Olsen, Louis and SAGA have all been linked to building a new ship in the Far East. Don’t forget to check out our facebook page for extras and to follow us on twitter to keep up to date.

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